A Single Source of Truth: Getting the Most Out of a Value-Based Technology Platform

January 10, 2016 Chad Pomeroy

As we near HIMSS 16 in Las Vegas, I have been contemplating the influences technology has played in the movement toward value-based health care. Bringing together several disparate sources of information, routed across a plethora of divergent platforms, is by no means an easy task. Yet, as an industry, we continue to take only incremental steps on the path toward technology-driven value-based solutions--constantly trying to mesh the growing number of health technology solutions to fit the individual needs of the provider. From my purview, the only way we can effectively empower care providers to make efficient value-based decisions is to provide a “single source of truth”.

We have spent the last four years at Evolent building a scalable, point-of-care technology platform which integrates workflow generated data, clinical data, self-reported data, financial and administrative data, socio-economic data and EMR data into a single interface known as Identifi. The final output is a rank ordered list of patients with future, avoidable events tied to specific recommended clinical actions, which are then tied to the provider’s value payment model, i.e. the truth you need to drive value-based performance.

The “truth” within Identifi is to locate the right patient for the right intervention at the right time, with a high degree of accuracy, to positively impact their health outcome and ensure appropriate reimbursement. Our purpose-built engine creates an engaged care team through the following parameters:

  • A data onboarding process that provides a single source of truth and complete, unified patient record
  • Predictive models that deliver a clear set of priorities used to direct efforts and positively impact the health outcomes of patients
  • A flexible clinical decision support chassis that continuously builds and updates patient profiles to ensure accuracy and improved patient support
  • Front end applications, customized to care team member goals that enhance care provided and patient experience

For our partners we’ve solved the paradox, at least through the value-based care lens, in a way that an EMR or EDW alone cannot. We will be showcasing this technology, Identifi 5.0, at HIMSS 16 on March 2, in a session titled “Engaging your Extended Care Team”. We will also be a prominent fixture at the new Population Health Knowledge Center, so please stop by to speak with me or one of our experts – we sincerely view this as an opportunity to share, listen and learn about the challenges and opportunities you are concerned about with regards to population health technology.

About the Author

Chad Pomeroy

Chad is Evolent Health’s Chief Technology Officerand joins Evolent from Access Mediquip, where he was responsible for strategy and technology. He previously spent five years at WellPoint, where he was responsible for consumer innovation for the nation’s largest health benefits company. Under his direction, the innovation team demonstrated a capacity to create, test and bring new ideas to market quickly. Earlier, Chad was Chief Technology Officer for Lumenos, one of the pioneers of consumer-driven health plans. His responsibilities included strategic direction of Lumenos’ award-winning online health site for consumers to manage their health and health expenses, a proprietary claims payment solution designed specifically for health reimbursement accounts and health savings accounts and a centralized data warehouse. Chad has also worked for Congressional Quarterly, Inc., and was Assistant Vice President of Information Technology at the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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