Day of Understanding

Day of Understanding is Evolent Health's annual commitment to make room for Evolenteers to have candid conversations about DE&I in order to create a more inclusive company culture.      

This year’s theme is allyship.

We hope this experience can help you learn about and explore ways to help mitigate any potential unconscious bias, and become a better ally. Here at Evolent, we define an ally as a person of one social identity group who actively promotes and advances the culture of inclusion through institutional, positive and conscious efforts of another group. 


_q_tweetable: Anyone can be an ally, and everyone can use an ally, and you can use your privilege in the moment to extend that privilege to someone else.      - Summer Simmons,          Director of Product Creative, Netflix _q_



Follow the two-step instructions below. The goal of this activation is to take a thoughtful look at the personal and diverse experience of the folks below. To prepare:  

  • Create space for yourself
  • Reflect on what you know about the topic
  • Start where you are and be kind to yourself - you can’t know everything about everything!
  • Give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable  
  • Let us know if you've learned something new by taking our one-question survey at the bottom of this page




Please take a few minutes to explore one (or more) of the below videos:
























In Case You're Interested...

Discussion Questions:

  • What were some of the feelings or judgments you experienced?
  • What do you think triggered those feelings?
  • How can you identify when your unconscious mind may not be aligned with your conscious beliefs?
  • What can you do to challenge those feelings? 
  • What personal reflections are you taking away?
  • What is a recent event or topic that you would like to talk about and how has it affected you?


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