Walk the Walk

About the Program 

Evolent’s long-standing quarterly recognition program is an opportunity for peers to nominate fellow Evolenteers who live out our values through outstanding contributions.  There is no act too small to be considered for a nomination, and it's most important to highlight the employee’s impact on partners, patients and colleagues as well as their alignment to Evolent values.  

  • A formal committee comprised of Talent team members select winners from each quarter’s nomination pool
  • Winners are celebrated at quarterly firm-wide, team meetings and in corporate communications
  • While employees at all levels within the organization are able to receive a Walk the Walk award, the committee is especially looking for nominations below the Senior Director level
  • Quality over quantity.  One or two thoughtful nominations grab the attention of the committee more than a dozen very short, non-descriptive nominations. 

How to Nominate 

  • Click this link
  • Spend 5-10 minutes to write out details about your nominee and what they did/are doing to positively impact their work, team or our culture.  Help the committee understand specifics about what this nominee has done.
  • Things to avoid: self-nominations, nominations that are too short to provide any details about the nominee; we know you think they are great, but why? 
  • Example of an attention-grabbing nomination:
"This individual jumped into action to ensure our client and our internal call center teams were ready for the new challenges we were facing with COVID 19. She created client specific FAQ lists that detailed changes that were being put into place for our members. This better prepared the teams to answer any questions that came our way and in turn helped us deliver great customer service to our members. When others may deem a task too difficult, this person always has a proactive approach and shares and implements ways to reach a resolution. She has earned the respect of peers, clients, vendors and others alike for her accomplishments within Evolent as well as the community. She also has a knack for seeing the talent in an individual when they themselves may not, allowing them the opportunity to grow and supporting them in honing those skills and in achieving their goals. A great leader and role model, I am honored to have the privilege to work with this person."


Past Winners


  • Q1: Kevin Lowe, Amy Price, Poonam Gandhi, Brian Whitman, Ashleigh Cheek, Jeesha Acharya 
  • Q2: Ka Wai Choy, Vaibhav Bhagat, Kimberly Hardin, Marcus Hamp, Rhonda Wooten, Karen Rolland, Denali Riley 
  • Q3: Andrew Hicks, Suzanne DeClue, Gaurav Rawat, Jason Knoespel, Courtney Asbill, Dyna Chadwick, Winnie Li
  • Q4: Sophie Curran, Shannon Derrick, Michelle Pier, Kevin Cioni, Jessy Delaisla, Chris Ngo, Brojo Pal

Alyssa Zavadsky, Amanda Frick, Amanda Bawn, Christopher Del Rosario, Winnie Lee, Joshua Kosco, Stephanie Stone, Stephanie Walker, Theresa Phan, Daniel Shefchik, Joan Fry, Lisa Lambiase, Alexis Garcia, Kimberly Beghdoud, Betsy Riley, Katy Lewandowski, Tami Muncy, Caroline Sims 

Crystal Chaney, Douglas Troutman, Bhanu Mudhunuri, Sharon Goodman, Christina Johnson, Brandon Fletcher, Kelly Biscuso, Paige Rowe, Wayne Saunders, Cindy Moser, Aaron Reinheimer, Amber Werbitt, Chandra Thumburu, Clinical Program Development University, Geoff Harris, Kris Tate, Stephanie Hoffman, Ankur Nagpal 

Crystal Lockhart, Emily Hennessey, Jithesh Balakrishnan, Wendy Haas, Gregory Watts, Nicholas Dus, Lauren Willis, Danielle Fary, Judith Parnell

Anisha Singh, Kamal Sivalingam, Sara Ryan, Patrick Colbert, Kevin O'Donnell, Melissa Norman

Amy Hughes, Nico Lewine, Edwin Capatillo, Venkata Yeleswarapu, Andrew Wood

Danny Yeganeh-Ahang, Eric Culley, Karen Mason, Roland Buenaflor, Corie Tregoe, Ginny Madison, Travis Hartke

Meghan Wang, Heidi Lambert, Hemal Patel